Schools Must Stop Spying on Students : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer February 24, 2010

As the Comcast-NBCU merger nears approval, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is calling for Comcast to continue to make NBC programs available for free online. Franken wants to make sure that if Comcast owns both the content and the broadband through which its delivered, that continues to deliver content fairly to all users, including those who subscribe to other providers.

A Pennsylvania school district accused of watching students via webcam has been ordered to stop spying. It was recently brought to attention that the Lower Merion School District was spying on students outside of school through web cams provided on school laptops. The school’s previous rules note that “possession of a monitored MacBook was required for classes, and possession of an unmonitored personal computer was forbidden and would be confiscated.”

Apple announced that the iPad will not only be available at Apple Stores but also at Best Buy. The high profile retail move would make the iPad instantly more accessible for users looking to purchase the new tablet. Apple is also making moves to bring its iPhone operating system to more mobile gadgets.



Shelly Palmer

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  1. Paula Lynn says:

    When I was young, I thought it may be nice to live a famous area.
    Shoulda’ stipulated. Yup, Lower Merion is my township and Lower
    Merion High School is about 5 minutes from here. This is a
    particularly financially comfortable neighborhood. The downturn has
    not turned down very much around here. 1. I cannot understand why
    the students need to be given an Apple laptop in the first place.
    It’s not like the parents can’t afford a netbook. (Our Apple store
    in Ardmore is always busy with scans of folk of all ages.) I am a
    tax payer, too. This is the 2nd time they are expanding the high
    school itself. 2. So with all due respect appreciating giving
    children the best education they can get – my future doctors – this
    situation will eventually land on the backs of taxpayers. Sure, the
    district should have insurance for some problems, but this looks
    like it will take more than insurance. We the tax payers will have
    to foot the bill. Where do those parents think the money comes
    from? Of course, the on button of the cameras being on was absurd.
    I do think it came from shear stupidity. It appears the decision to
    do it was by a couple of people rather from the entire tax paying
    community or even the school board. A halt to this practice and
    future adventures in the stupidity of educators of course is
    required. But let’s stop passing the buck. Fortunately, this was
    caught before major harm was done so maybe this time an expensive
    lawsuit is teetering on greed rather than fixing a problem. It’s
    local news around here. I’ll let you know if it amount$ to anything
    outside of the national forum.

  2. Paula Lynn says:

    It wouldn’t kill them to hire you to straighten them out as well as
    setting a program for the school system. I’d second that spending
    of my tax money.

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