Throw all your iPhone accessories in the garbage, Apple’s changing the dock connector on the iPhone 5

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

19 pins it is, then. Reuters on Monday confirmed a long-standing rumor that the new version of the Apple iPhone would come with a 19-pin connector port instead of the standard 30-pin connector port that the company has used for years. Two unnamed sources told Reuters that Apple (AAPL) is shrinking the port to “make room for the earphone moving to the bottom” of the device, meaning current 30-pin accessories that are part of Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad ecosystem might be useless with Apple’s next iPhone. Read the full story at Boy Genius Report.



Shelly Palmer

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  1. James says:

    Okay, so Reuters confirms a rumor about an unannounced Apple product. Really? Based on what facts coming from Apple, the only authority on what features its products will or will not have? I think that journalistically you have to throw an allegedly in there somewhere. While I don’t necessarily believe that the rumor is incorrect, Reuters hasn’t confirmed anything, other than they want to treat unsubstantiated speculative information as facts, the kind of journalism we expect from Tabloids.

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