Back To School: 5 Apps That Will Make You Fall (Even More) In Love With Your Phone

Back to School

Back to School

You’re heading off to college. You have no idea that the next four years of fun will fly by, likely leaving you jobless and in debt. You’re unconcerned with nonsense like that — you’re ready to achieve your dreams! You’re ready to party! You’re ready to meet your mate in life! But before you pack up the family van full of clothes, collapsible IKEA furniture and school supplies, there’s one thing you can’t forget to pack: your trusty smartphone. It’s the one thing that no college student — not a drama geek nor homecoming queen, not a stoner nor a virgin — can live without. Read the full story at Tech Crunch.



Shelly Palmer

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  1. Andrea says:

    This was just too funny not to pass on to my son who will be heading back to college for his second year. His father and I recently got a Sling Adapter so that our son can watch live TV and our DVR recordings on his iPhone while he’s away at school. Some of the apps that TechCrunch featured are even helpful for those of us not going back to school, like the Sparrow app. Between my work email from Dish, my Yahoo account, and my Gmail account, I often wish there was a better way to keep them organized. Thanks for the link!

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