Shelly Palmer Radio Report - October 11, 2012

[wpaudio url="" text="Click to play ... " dl="0"] After years of mostly minor changes in the way they operate, Microsoft is about to rock the boat big time beginning later this month. They’re releasing Windows 8, a brand new OS with a steep learning curve. They’re continuing their mobile push with the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablets on October 26, and a new wave of Windows phones will launch early next month. But perhaps the biggest change of all will be in Office 2013, which for the first time will be subscription-based software. On Wednesday, it was rumored that Office 2013 would be making its way onto Android and iOS in March – helping keep you connected and productive wherever you are – but Microsoft quickly squashed that rumor. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if the report turns out to be mostly true; expanding a lucrative, subscription-based distribution model of their most prominent software to an established user base numbering in the tens of millions just makes smart business sense to me.