Shelly Palmer Radio Report - November 1, 2012

[wpaudio url="" text="Click to play ... " dl="0"] Today on Shelly Palmer Digital Living: Hurricane Sandy flooded power stations, tunnels, took out power for everyone below 39th Street in Manhattan and wreaked havoc and unimaginable devastation from Atlantic City, NJ across the entire South Shore of Long Island.  Another "once in a hundred year storm" just a year after Hurricane Irene ... and this one was far worse. In some locations, good old-fashioned twisted-pair copper phone lines (knows as POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service) was the first to go down.  This is highly unusual as it is usually the last service to go out.  But this storm was business unusual. Next, low-end data centers without adequate back-up generators went. This took out thousands of websites and email accounts. Then, six to eight hours after the power failures, anyone with a triple play digital phone system lost phone service.  What could anyone stay connected during this kind of natural disaster?  The answer is a robust business continuity plan. Check out for more information.