Energenie Energenie is a pioneer in energy management. Its goal is simple: it wants to help you cut down on the amount of energy you use in your home.  This will save you money, of course, but using less energy is good for the environment and proper energy management even reduces the risk of fires caused by electrical appliances.

Energenie says the biggest obstacle to overcome is the notion that many people think being environmentally-friendly also means you’re in for a time-consuming hassle. Not true! Energenie’s products do the work for you, and are ideal for use with whatever electronics you have in your home – be it computers, home theaters or anything else you might power up.

The Energenie Power Management System lets you program the sockets its products are plugged into via a computer interface, allowing those sockets to be shut down under certain situations. For instance, the Energenie products are smart enough to learn the amount of power a device consumes when it's in standby mode. You’re able to program the system to shut down the socket when it reaches this power level, thereby saving you electricity … and money!

Energenie is more than just sockets, however. In addition to the wide range of sockets for the home and office, the company also sells travel adapters, chargers, and even LED lighting to further lessen the electric strain on your home and, in turn, your wallet.

Energenie Booth: LVCC, North Hall - 6332

Unit 5 Harold Close Harlow CM19 5TH United Kingdom P: +44-(0)1279 422022 F: +44-(0)1279 626304 www.energenie4u.co.uk