Shelly Palmer Radio Report - December 4, 2012

[wpaudio url="" text="Click to play ... " dl="0"] iTunes 11, the newest version of Apple’s media player, launched late last week. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master Apple’s new software. One of the most helpful new features is the “Add to Up Next” option. If you’re in the middle of listening to The White Album and have an urge to hear a song by the Black Keys, click on the song you want to hear, click on the arrow to the right of the track name, then click “Add to Up Next.” Doing so queues that song in the middle of your current playlist, which will continue once the newly-added song ends. Apple also changed the search function. “Search Entire Library” is enabled by default, which gives you new options like adding the song to your queue, but eliminates the iTunes 10 filtering search. If you want to return search to the way it was, click on the spyglass next to the search field and uncheck “Search Entire Library.”