FitBark, a Fitness Tracker for Your Dog, Raises $30k on Kickstarter in One Day

FitBarkFitness-tracking devices by companies including Fitbit, Nike and Jawbone are being used by a growing number of humans. Now their dogs can get in on the action too with a device called FitBark. Pitched as “the world’s tiniest wireless activity tracker for dogs”, FitBark is a tiny device designed to be attached to a dog’s collar, tracking their activity throughout the day, and plotting the results as graphs in a companion smartphone app. Based on breed, size and age, FitBark will set a daily activity goal for a dog that is “equivalent to approximately one hour of moderately intense physical activity, and the rest of the day spent at a lower energy level”. The New York-based startup behind it is trying to raise $35k on crowdfunding website Kickstarter for the first run of devices, and already has more than $30k of pledges after the first day of its campaign.

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