RedditA team of Stanford computer scientists has cracked Reddit using math. Ph. D student Himabindu Lakkaraju, computer science post-doc Julian McAuley, and assistant professor Jure Leskovec released a paper earlier this summer outlining the algorithm they used to figure out exactly what makes Reddit titles perform well. Here’s the concept. Reddit is comprised of a vast number of communities, or subreddits, where people submit content around a common theme. The /r/Pics subreddit is a clearinghouse for pictures, /r/Funny is a community focused on comedy, and /r/Gaming is all about video games. Other subreddits get more specific, like /r/Gifs, technically a subsection of /r/Pics, is all about .GIF images. And /r/GifSound is all about pairing appropriate music to GIFs. The rabbit hole goes deep.

Read the full story at Business Insider.

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