AT&T Now Offers $5/Day Data for Tablet Owners

AT&TAT&T’s SVP of Emerging Devices Chis Penrose announced on Thursday at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference that the carrier is introducing a new $5 a day plan for tablet users. Available for your 3G and LTE iPads (and other AT&T compatible tablets of course), AT&T’s $5 data pass will offer a cheaper alternative to expensive hotel WiFi for travellers and others that only need a day or two worth of data. The plan will give users 250MB a day and AT&T says it will make it easy for customers to purchase the data sessions online directly on their iPad. The carrier is also offering a new plan for tablet users that offers 1GB over three months for $25. The new plan is of course in addition to the $10/month option to add a tablet to Mobile Share plans and the 30-day 250MB DataConnect Pass for $14.99 that AT&T already offers.

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  • Maarten Heilbron

    As a Canadian who travels in the US, finding a carrier to provide a short-term plan for occasional use is difficult. You can’t actually register any plan with AT&T unless you have a credit card with a US address. My current solution is a fully prepaid T-Mobile solution ($15 for 300MB over 7 days, $24 for 1.5GB for 30 days), which doesn’t require a US address.
    Finding data access for tablets in Europe is no simpler, and I assume that travellers to Canada find similar obstacles. I wish that more carriers would make a simple “buy a SIM card and a 1 week or 1 month plan” solution that can be picked up in airport kiosks.