Dell Venue 11 Pro

Dell Venue 11 ProHP isn’t the only beleaguered PC manufacturer unleashing a tablet blitz. On Wednesday, Dell revealed a full product lineup of new tablets under the recently resurrected Venue brand. Not only does the company have an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, but a pair of inexpensive Android slates as well — the first Android products Dell has announced since it discontinued the lackluster Venue smartphone well over a year ago. It’s the fourth tablet, though, that’s the star of the show. The Dell Venue 11 Pro is the company’s answer to the Microsoft Surface Pro, and it rolls a whole number of ideas into one highly customizable tablet shell. Starting at $499.99 when it goes on sale this November, the Venue 11 Pro comes standard with a custom-designed 10.8-inch 1080p IPS touchscreen, one of Intel’s new Bay Trail Atom processors.

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