Thanks, Selfies! We May Take 1 Trillion Photos in 2014

Astronaut Selfie2013 was the year of the selfie, according to the Oxford English Dictionary — but self-snaps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Everybody is taking selfies, from President Obama to astronaut Aki Hoshide. With the proliferation of smartphones with front-facing cameras, selfies have become mainstream. And with apps like Snapchat and Instagram that encourage people to take photos of themselves, the selfie will likely grow in popularity in 2014. According to an article from AFP, Yahoo estimates that 880 billion photographs will be taken next year, and a survey taken by Samsung in Britain found that 17% of men and 10% of women take selfies. All together, that means a lot of selfies will be taken next year. Of course, the selfie may have peaked. It started as almost a grassroots movement, initially rejected by older generations.

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  • Paula Lynn

    Selfishies. They are called selfishies. I am part of the world but the world does not revolve around me.