Man Arrested for Charging His Nissan Leaf at a School

Kaveh Kamooneh“A theft is a theft.” These are words that many a lawyer has used to justify condemning a thief to a sentence in the clink. They are also the words of a police officer in Chamblee, Ga., after a man was caught in the alleged commission of a heinous crime. Kaveh Kamooneh partook of 5 cents’ worth of electricity that wasn’t strictly his. As WXIA reports, Kamooneh was at Chamblee Middle School, where his 11-year-old son was gracing the tennis courts. Perhaps the tennis practice was electric and this sparked Kamooneh to remember that his Nissan Leaf needed a little charge. He had some errands to do on the way home. He spotted an external socket near the courts and availed himself of a little electricity. He spent 20 minutes charging his Leaf with nutrients. When he got back inside his car, there was a strange man already there. He happened to be a policeman. This was not a happy policeman.

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