Thinkful Teaches You How to Build an iOS App from Scratch

ThinkfulIn an age that’s enshrined in apps and online enterprise, learning to code is becoming more imperative than ever, so it’s just as well some companies are rising to the challenge by creating the tools to bring programming skills to more people. One of these companies is Thinkful, a startup that pairs students with private tutors who are typically professional engineers or developers. On Tuesday, Thinkful is launching a new iOS 7 development course, which is added to its existing front end Web development, Ruby on Rails and Python classes. Students will be able to learn how to build iOS 7 apps from scratch, with the course covering Objective-C, Xcode and Cocoa, as well as Apple’s debugging tools, APIs and design guidelines. Mentors for the course are experienced iOS developers. The next class starts on January 8, and you can apply through the link below.

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