Report: T-Mobile May Cover Other Carriers’ Early Termination Fees

T-MobileEver since John Legere teased Uncarrier 4.0 on his Twitter account earlier this week, I’ve been racking my brains trying to decide what it’s most likely to be. In terms of its own plans, value and available products, T-Mobile has done about as much as it can do to convince customers to join. It has unlimited (and unthrottled) data, international roaming, a non-contract plan, and the ability to upgrade whenever you want. So, what else could it possibly do? After posting the announcement piece I was emailed by someone whose clear desire was to remain anonymous. He left no email for me to get back in touch and used a pseudonym. So, I wasn’t able to verify anything of what he gave me. It’s why I’m not posting this as a “this is what Tmo’s plans are”. Instead, it got me thinking and I wanted to hear your thoughts on how likely it is and what it could mean for the mobile industry.

Read the full story at Tmo News.


  • condaggit

    I still want to know why i can’t get FIOS in long island city…..and why no one is offering what clear wireless now sprint is ( waiting for them to jack up the prices)

    $50 a month unlimited wireless for the home….i use about 25-30 gigs a month…for $50 its the right price since it usually not fast enough for HiDef…