CES 2013: We Have 4K TVs Now... What Comes Next?

Samsung's Ultra HD 110" TVScreens with 33 megapixel resolutions, projectors that blend their output to go as large as you want and screenless displays hint at the future of TV at CES. New TV tech has always been at the heart of the Consumer Electronics Show. The focus of last year's event was smart TV interfaces, but attention has swung back to the screens themselves this year with Sony and others declaring 4k's time has come. Also known as "ultra high definition", the format offers four times the resolution of the current 1080p HD standard and is best appreciated up close, or further away from a mega-sized screen. There is a deluge of 4k displays on the show floor - some adding OLED (organic light-emitting diode) tech to offer richer colours, others slimming the screen's bezel down until it is almost not there. Samsung and China's HiSense have also made a splash by exhibiting sets with gargantum 110in (279cm) images. Read the full story at the BBC.