Shelly Palmer Radio Report - January 18, 2013

Look out Apple – Amazon is coming for your music. Yesterday, Amazon announced a newly-designed Web store for its mp3 branch, made specifically for Safari on the iPhone and iPod Touch, which offers bestseller lists, personalized recommendations and Amazon ratings – all the stuff you love from By keeping purchases on the Web rather than in an app, Amazon avoids Apple’s 30% fee for in-app purchases. Thursday wasn’t altogether bad for Apple’s content, though, so don’t shed a tear for them just yet. After bashing other publications two years ago for rushing to the iPad, Rolling Stone magazine has changed its ways and has finally appeared on Apple’s Newsstand. Individual issues cost $5, while a yearly subscription is 20 bucks. The coolest part – and the one Apple is most excited about – is that issues offer direct links to the iTunes Store for music written about and reviewed in the magazine. That should serve as a nice financial pick-me-up for Apple and its slipping stock prices.