The 3Doodler is a $99 3D-Printing Pen

3DoodlerI've spent a fair bit of time trying to explain the WobbleWorks 3Doodler to people over the past year or so. My descriptions generally alternate between the company's slightly misleading "3D-printing pen" to "sort of like a hot glue gun that melts plastic, so you can write in the air." Makes sense, right? The company didn't have much trouble getting the message across, though: it raised an astounding $2.3 million on Kickstarter after initially aiming for just $30,000. And really, it may be precisely the product's strangeness that made it a runaway hit with the crowdfunding community in the first place. In a world of lookalike smartphones, tablets and even 3D printers, the 3Doodler offers something unique, letting users create strange new works of art -- and it does so with a seemingly reasonable price of $99. Read the full story at Engadget.