KloutKlout, a San Francisco startup that quantified people’s online influence by assigning it a Klout score, has reportedly been acquired by Lithium Technologies for $100 million. It seemed the service was struggling to build a successful business, and in fact founder and CEO Joe Fernandez blogged publicly about his trials and tribulations. Six days ago Klout launched a major redesign of its website that shifted the focus towards helping users improve their scores, but it seems that the final result was a sale and soft landing. When Klout was founded back in 2008, the world of social networks was still maturing. The giant public companies of today — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — were still startups. The premise of Klout seemed alluring enough: to measure people’s influence across these networks and sell that information to marketers or back to the users themselves.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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