AirbnbWhen I first heard of “the sheet,” I assumed it was bogus. Word was that Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky had boiled down his strategic road map–all of Airbnb’s secret plans for 2014–onto a single piece of paper. Yet on an early evening in late January, I am sitting in a conference room at Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters across from Chesky and Chip ­Conley, Airbnb’s recently ­appointed head of global hospitality, and Chesky is wondering aloud whether to show me the fabled ­document. Even as he’s talking about it, I am still ­unsure whether I’m being punked. After a second of deliberation, Chesky pulls the trigger: He sends an employee to retrieve the sheet. He then slides it in front of me, as Conley, only half-joking, declares, “The infamous paper to take over the world!”

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"Airbnb Plans to Create an Upscale Hotel Experience" by @ShellyPalmer