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Google wants to expand Fiber, its ultra-fast Internet and television service, even further in Kansas City. On Tuesday, the company started accepting sign-ups for residents in south and north Kansas City, Grandview, Raytown and Gladstone, as well as neighbourhoods that failed to qualify before. Registering your interest doesn’t guarantee network availability, however. Just like it did in 2012, Google is grouping homes into “fiberhoods” and will expand Fiber’s reach if enough people are interested. There’s also a deadline for each area, so residents will need to rally some support from their community to qualify for the planned roll-out. The first 73 fiberhoods in south Kansas City, Grandview and Raytown will need to meet their quota before April 10, followed by 33 fiberhoods in northwest Kansas City on May 15 and 52 across Gladstone and northeast Kansas City on June 19.

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"Google Expands Fiber to 158 New ‘Fiberhoods’ Around Kansas City" by @ShellyPalmer