After shutting down its music streaming service in January, Samsung is back with a brand new way for you to rock out. ‘Milk Music’ is a newly-launched, free streaming radio service available to everyone with a Galaxy phone. Powered by Slacker Radio, Milk Music was built to be simple, interruption-free and user-friendly. Ad-free – at least to start – the app is centered around a large circular dial in the middle of your phone’s screen that you can touch to change stations, just like turning a dial on an actual radio. Milk Music automatically downloads the first eight seconds of every song on the dial, which means you’ll never again have to deal with buffering. The dial shows up to nine genres at a time – with individual stations in-between, that you can start based on a single song, artist or genre. Don’t like a song? Skip it! Milk Music lets you skip up to six tracks per hour, per station. One big question remains, though: how many music streaming services do we actually need?

Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer is Managing Partner at Palmer Advanced Media, a technology-focused strategic advisory practice that helps Fortune 500 companies and growth-stage companies with digital strategy, data science, marketing, branding, and business development. He is Fox 5 New York's on-air tech and digital media expert and a regular commentator on CNBC and CNN. @shellypalmer or visit

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"Shelly Palmer Radio Report – March 11, 2014" by @ShellyPalmer