Google Now, the world’s best digital personal assistant, just got even better. Google Now’s latest update gave it the ability to help you remember exactly where you parked. The app will use your phone’s sensors to gauge when you’ve exited a moving vehicle and automatically remember that location, then save that spot onto one of Google Now’s cards, giving you quick access whenever you’re ready to drive again. The feature will mark your location every time you get out of a moving vehicle, so it’ll also keep notice of spots like bus stops. If you don’t drive very often or want to minimize clutter, you can disable the feature entirely. The latest update also brought a few other features to Google Now, including the ability to give contacts nicknames. That means you can say “call my wife” or “text my brother” and your phone will know exactly what to do. The update is rolling out to Android devices now, but you can manually grab it through Google Play if you want to get it immediately.

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