iOS 8

iOS 8

You could (and probably should) wait for the wide release this fall before downloading iOS 8. But if you absolutely can’t wait, here’s how to get Apple’s brand new iOS 8 beta on your phone right now. Before you do anything, backup your device. It’s a good idea anyway before updating, and considering how temperamental betas tend to be, it is especially important now. We should note too that we really don’t recommend you do this unless you’re a serious iOS addict. It’s going to take a while for iOS 8 to be anything other than a buggy, volatile mess, and unless you have been scratching your eyes out in anticipation, you’re going to regret it. That said, if you absolutely can’t wait (you can!), you have a couple of options.

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"How to Get iOS 8 on Your iDevice Right Now" by @ShellyPalmer