Dropbox on Friday announced its desktop client is getting streaming sync, a new feature that significantly reduces the time needed to synchronize large files. You can download the new version now from dropbox.com, and the company promises the improvement will be rolled out “over the next couple weeks.” Until now, Dropbox would split its file synchronization into distinct upload and download phases. In other words, a file needed to be uploaded in its entirety before other clients could begin to download it. With streaming sync, the two phases are done almost concurrently via Dropbox’s servers, hence the “streaming” name. The company claims multi-client sync time for large files is typically 1.25x faster, and can even go up to 2x faster in certain cases. Here are Dropbox’s own performance tests that show the improvement across the board.

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"Dropbox Tweaks its Desktop Client to Significantly Boost Speeds" by @ShellyPalmer