Study: Readers’ Recall on E-Readers is Lower Than With Books

Kindle Paperwhite

A new study which found that readers using a Kindle were “significantly” worse than paperback readers at recalling when events occurred in a mystery story is part of major new Europe-wide research looking at the impact of digitisation on the reading experience. The study, presented in Italy at a conference last month and set to be published as a paper, gave 50 readers the same short story by Elizabeth George to read. Half read the 28-page story on a Kindle, and half in a paperback, with readers then tested on aspects of the story including objects, characters and settings. Anne Mangen of Norway’s Stavanger University, a lead researcher on the study, thought academics might “find differences in the immersion facilitated by the device, in emotional responses” to the story.

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  1. Paula Lynn says:

    Which begs the question, do you rent your text books on line or do you buy them in paper ? Time is still an irreplaceable commodity.

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