Got some extra space in your garage and need some extra cash? Check out Roost. Essentially Airbnb for storage, Roost is a new service that lets you rent out the extra space in your house to other people so they can store their stuff. If you’re shopping for storage, Roost’s website lets you search by location and access level. Need 24/7 access to your things? Filter by places that let you have a key. A little less demanding? Find a place that asks for 48 hours advance notice. You can also sort your search by total available size, so you’ll be able to know right away if your spare twin bed can fit. Roost performs background checks on hosts and storage locations have public ratings and reviews, so you’ll be able to feel completely safe leaving your prized possessions with a complete stranger. The service even includes an insurance policy to cover any damage or loss. Roost is only available in San Francisco for now, but hopes to expand to other major markets soon.

Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer is Managing Director, Digital Media Group at Landmark|ShellyPalmer a technology focused Investment Banking & Advisory practice specializing in M&A, Financings, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Access. He is Fox 5 New York's On-air Tech Expert and well known for his work on Fox Television's Shelly Palmer Digital Living. For more information, visit

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