Leap Motion Wants to Blend the Real World and Virtual Reality

Leap Motion

One of the best features of VR headsets also happens to be one of its greatest shortcomings. Headsets are designed so that you can’t see anything else, making games incredibly immersive. Yet it also means that interacting with the real world requires removing it from your head. Not doing so brings the risk of knocking things over, including yourself. San Francisco-based Leap Motion has come up with a solution: you attach its $79.99 infrared camera sensor to the front of your headset, and use software to display live video of the real world right in the mask. Even better, you can do it without fully leaving whatever game or virtual experience you’re in, opening the door to new augmented realities. Leap has been toying with this idea internally for a while now, but the company wants to make it an officially supported feature, and (more importantly) the future of its business.

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  1. paula lynn says:

    This is one of those things in the list of just because you can doesn’t mean this should be in existence. It is so wrong in so many ways. Is there not enough people who confuse fantasy with reality ? Are there not enough people with that confusion with no help to distinguish between the 2 and have destructive (being nice) lives ? Let’s just push people off the bridge when they are on the brink because someone else thinks its cool and there is money to be made. E.G. : Knee protectors, alcohol, cell phones, fantasy, a bad day and on a plane or even airport. Add in open carry.

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