If you’re looking for a new, smarter version of home security, check out simplicam by Closeli. Recently launched, simplicam is the world’s only home monitoring Wi-Fi solution that also includes face detection. That means you’ll only get alerts when someone’s in your home — and not when your cat tears through your living room and knocks over a lamp. Simplicam also lets you view live or recorded video from any connected device – smartphone, tablet or computer – and includes sound notifications through its free companion apps as well as access to cloud recording, easy editing and sharing options. The system lets you schedule times to record, or remotely turn on and turn off the monitoring system from your phone. Simplicam’s home monitoring system is available today for $149 at Amazon or Simplicam.com. To store recorded footage a little bit longer, you can pay an extra monthly fee to keep recordings for one day, a week and a half or three weeks. If you want to learn more about Simplicam head over to www.Simplicam.com.

Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer is Managing Director, Digital Media Group at Landmark Ventures/ShellyPalmer a technology focused Investment Banking & Advisory practice specializing in M&A, Financings, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Access. He is Fox 5 New York's On-air Tech Expert and well known for his work on Fox Television's Shelly Palmer Digital Living. For more information, visit shellypalmer.com.

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