Report: YouTube is Developing a Version for Kids Under 10

YouTube for Kids

As the biggest video sharing site by a landslide, YouTube attracts people from all walks of life, for better or for worse. Yet the Google-owned company is reportedly developing a version of the site for kids under 10 years old, and has even gauged the interest of video producers willing to create child-oriented content, according to multiple sources cited by The Information. The goal would be to offer a site that parents could trust, free of both videos and comments that many adults would prefer children not see. Parents could, for example, access a special app on a device or TV that includes only kid-safe videos. The product isn’t anywhere close to being launched, however, and how exactly it will work can is still very much up in the air. YouTube already has a “safety” mode for filtering out inappropriate content as well as YouTube EDU, a specific version for schools that only contains educational videos.

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