How to Easily Switch from iOS to Android (or Vice Versa)

From iOS to Android You find iOS/Android annoying, and all your friends say Android/iOS is, like, way better. So you’ve finally decided it’s time to switch phones. Let’s do it. Contacts and calendars, from iOS to Android: Android uses your Google account’s contacts and calendars, so sync your iPhone to Google. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. Enter your Google ID. Toggle the switches for Contacts and Calendars to On. From Android to iOS: Everything on your Android phone should already be stored in your Google account. To transfer your Google contacts and calendars to your iPhone, follow the sync instructions in the other section—it works both ways. Apps. These days, most apps exist on both Android and iOS. For the few that don’t, a quick search will usually lead you to some decent replacements. Download iOS apps from the App Store, and get your Android apps from Google Play.

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