BlackBerry’s QNX OS Tapped to Power Some Autonomous Cars

QNX BlackBerry’s QNX operating system may not be the hit in mobile phones that the company hoped, but one day QNX may be helping you with a different kind of mobility: the autonomous car. BlackBerry is working with VisLab, an Italian laboratory run by the University of Parma that focuses on computer vision research. One of its avenues of study is the driverless car, and VisLab has already developed several prototypes of cars that can do far more than just park themselves or automatically adjust their highway cruising speeds. It’s demonstrated concept vehicles that can negotiate crowed pedestrian intersections and traffic circles as well as drive independently in rush-hour traffic. Last month, VisLab unveiled its latest test vehicle called DEEVA. In addition to sporting more than 20 cameras and four laser scanners, Deeva has QNX’s latest Neutrino OS under the hood.

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