Oyster, the Netflix for Books, Adds Simon and Schuster to Its Catalog

Oyster Oyster, the so-called “Netflix for books,” has added its second Big 5 publisher, Simon & Schuster, to its subscription service that lets you read as many ebooks as you want. Simon & Schuster is bringing its entire backlist of ebooks, which amounts to roughly 14,000 titles. The selection won’t include the latest releases, but most recent titles should be about a year old. Oyster CEO Eric Stromberg said in an interview that the deal with Simon & Schuster represents “a tipping point in the access model for books.” Indeed, when the service first launched last fall, the big complaint I had was the limited selection of big-name titles. Simon & Schuster’s library brings some of Oyster’s top-searched authors, such as Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway and Walter Isaacson, to the service.

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