'Electronic Nose' Peres Will Help Gauge if Your Food is Fresh

Peres Summer is almost here, which means summertime BBQs are almost here, too. A new gadget called Peres will help make sure that any and all meat you're about to throw on the grill is still good to eat. Peres is an electronic nose that “smells” food to determine the quality, freshness and nutritional value -- and, most importantly, whether it’s fresh or hazardous to health (with a risk of food poisoning). Peres is the world’s first portable "electronic nose" (or eNose), and it's extremely simple to use -- all you've got to do is point Peres at meat and click a button. The gadget then analyzes a sample of its gases for organic compounds and amonia, and will let you know within a few seconds whether or not you're good to grill. If Peres sounds like something you've got to own for the summer BBQ season, it's currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo.