Obama's Online Health Marketplace 2.0 Will Be Much Simpler, Debut in November

Healthcare The drama of the HealthCare.gov Ad Hoc team is now a modern tech fable: a small cadre of young geeks from Silicon Valley and President Obama’s election campaign parachute into the federal bureaucracy to rescue the site and help exceed the goal of 8 million insured households nationwide. But even as they worked 80-hour weeks to salvage the botched creation of thousands of technocrats employed by 55 different contractors, another drama was occurring in stealth. Members of the Ad Hoc team were already looking ahead to the next version, recruiting a second wave of programmers drawn from startups as well as larger companies like Google. That team, officially dubbed Marketplace 2.0, is creating core features of the next generation of HealthCare.gov that will debut when the next enrollment period begins November 15.

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