Shelly Palmer Radio Report - June 9, 2014

When Apple unveiled iOS 8 at its Worldwide Developer Conference, it officially marked Apple’s entry into the mobile health arena. iOS 8 will feature a brand new app called “Health” that is far more than just another app that counts your steps. Apple knows there are plenty of great apps already doing that. Instead, Health collects the data from the third-party apps you’re already using into an easy-to-read dashboard. Think of it like one-stop shopping for the Quantified Self – or like the health and wellness version of Apple’s Passbook app. That means you no longer have to check three or four different apps to track your progress – you’ll get a clear and current overview of your health inside the app. Health will track 60 different types of data, and will let you create an “emergency card.” That card will have information like your blood type and allergies and will be accessible from your lock screen. Health will be available on your iPhone this fall alongside the launch of iOS 8.