Slingshot May Be a Snapchat Clone, But It May Do Engagement Better

Facebook Slingshot It’s a smartphone app that sends photos and videos that self-destruct after they’re viewed. It lets you personalize these ephemeral messages with your own little doodles. And it goes by a one-word name that begins with an “S” and ends with a “T.” Any guesses? No, it’s not Snapchat. It’s Slingshot, the new app from Facebook. If it sounds like a Snapchat clone, that’s because it is. But there’s one difference. As WIRED reported Tuesday when Slingshot was officially released, you can’t view a Slingshot message unless you send one first. The goal here, says Slingshot product manager Will Ruben, is to create a community “where everybody’s a creator and nobody’s just a spectator.” That may seem like a tiny wrinkle, but it’s an intriguing proposition that could have big implications not only for Slingshot but for the entire mobile industry.

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