Workforce Development

Digital Strategy Lab

We offer a digital strategy lab, which is suitable for c-suite and upper management. It covers:

  • Points of intersection and the current challenges for corporate governance and financial guidance caused by the intersection of traditional and digital media.
  • An overview of consumer electronics & consumer behaviors.
  • An overview of digital content distribution issues.
  • Security and cyber-safety.
  • Workforce development in the 21st century (Analog leaders/Digital workers).
  • Technology overview (clouds, networks, IT and commerce).

Digital Skills Clinics

Get schooled!

  • We offer a series of digital skills clinics customized for your workforce. Standard syllabus available upon request. These clinics have been created to minimize the gap between analog leaders and digital workers.


Shelly is available to speak on a variety of topics in the areas of technology, media and entertainment

Popular topics include the impact this convergence is having on advertising, marketing, public relations, sales and corporate governance and,

  • Social Media
  • Making money and preserving market share in a digital world
  • Digital Literacy
  • General overview of the disparate forces that are shaping the future of the advertising and media businesses
  • Technology Overview — an overview of the current state of connected living, consumer electronics and associated behaviors

Mini Trade Shows & Technology Showcases

Overwhelmed by all of the choices? We’ll showcase the most important tech in any category.

  • Social media
  • Consumer electronics
  • Connected home
  • Advertising and marketing technology
  • Digital Out Of Home