Digital Wisom Seminar Series


Digital competence and digital skills are key differentiators. Whether you are interested in workforce development, continuing professional education, honing your digital skills or playing catch-up, this course is designed to help you become more competitive and make you more productive in the digital economy of the 21st century.

The practical guidelines, ideas and techniques are immediately applicable on both a personal and business level. Students will learn how digitally-savvy executives are using their computers and they will gain an understanding of best practices digital tools and techniques.

Today, everyone with a computer and a connection to the Internet can create text, graphics, audio and video content and instantly distribute it to a worldwide audience. Through a series of hands-on exercises combined with lectures and demonstrations, students will learn how consumers are empowered by digital technology, how they are using the medium and how this technological transition is changing the doing of business in the 21st century. Special attention will be paid to using digital skills to identify and take advantage of new business opportunities.


This is a lecture-lab course in which topics are presented by the instructor, techniques are explained, and assigned technical exercises are completed by students in class.

Course Objectives

  • To make students more productive, more competitive and more marketable by increasing their digital competence and digital skills.
  • To provide students with practical methods for properly separating their personal and professional online presence.
  • To introduce and explain the fundamental elements of digital work/life.
  • To teach students how to create value online and translate it into wealth.
  • To teach students best practices, business-building online social networking techniques.
  • To affirm the vast amount of knowledge that students already possess and give them the confidence to put it to practical business use.

Course Topics

The course will cover the following topics:

  • The socio-techno divide
  • Branding and advertising 101 for business and personal use in the 21st century
  • The presentation of self in everyday life
  • The elements of digital work/life
  • The currencies of the Internet. (Translating value into wealth.)
  • Google
  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)
  • Contact management
  • Conventions of social media
  • The challenges of digital communication
  • Hardware choices
  • Digital Work/Life strategy (Solo, SoHo, Corporate)
  • Email/Phone/Contacts
  • Internet connectivity (wired and wireless)
  • Required business software skills
  • The paperless office
  • Backing up (NAS, cloud storage, physical media)
  • Thinking digital
  • Domains, Websites, Blogs
  • Metadata
  • Digital Honesty
  • Logos and graphics

What Others Are Saying

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“It was exciting to discover where things are heading, and going over details that the average person might not know even if you’re ‘in the culture.'” — Lauren M. NY, NY

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Prerequisites For This Course

You should have a basic knowledge of personal computers, email, web-surfing and search. You should have and bring your laptop computer to this course. Rentals are available, see below. Prep work can be found here. It is best to do the prep work before attending the course.

Advance Preparation

Please do the preparatory work before attending the seminar.


Fees are quoted upon request. Please email for information.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Payment is required in advance but it is refundable, less a $25 processing fee, if your cancellation is received three full business days before the course. There are no exceptions and there are no refunds after the cutoff. Substitutes are welcome. For more information regarding refunds, complaints, and/or program cancellation policies, please contact our offices at 212-532-3880.

Program Level



10:00am to 4:30pm. Check-in begins at 8:00am.


Lunch is on your own. Dress is informal. Doors open at 8:00am.

WiFi & Tech Support

If you are planning to bring a laptop computer (recommended), please make sure that your computer can connect to the Internet via WiFi. If you need help configuring your computer, please plan to arrive as close to 8am as possible. Technical help is available until the class begins at 10:00am.