Strategic Advisory

Data Activation Programs For Your Business

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Bespoke executive leadership sessions, presentations and workshops focused on turning information into action facilitated by Shelly Palmer

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Data-Driven Media Sales Training Courses

Created and taught by ShellyPalmer Strategic Advisors, the Data-Driven Media Sales Training Course is designed to make your sales team more competitive and more effective. An evolving, dynamic lecture/lab/workshop series, it will empower your sales force by ensuring they have the knowledge they need to adapt their sales techniques to the velocity at which the media business is becoming data-driven.

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Executive Data Literacy Training Courses

Created and taught by ShellyPalmer Strategic Advisors, the Executive Data Literacy Training Course is designed to make your executives team more competitive and more effective. An evolving, dynamic lecture/lab/workshop series, it focuses on data-driven decision making and the latest tools and techniques required to create competitive advantage by turning information into action.

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What We Do

ShellyPalmer Strategic Advisors offers deep-knowledge subject matter expertise and strategic counsel to brands, media, advertising, entertainment, technology companies and trade organizations — with a special focus on consumer behavior. (Learn about our history and meet some of our team members.)

Strategic Planning

We deliver insights, ideas and technological solutions that help our clients increase revenue and expand margins.

Business Development & Acceleration

Our clients tap into a powerful network that’s been built over decades. Our relationships give us early access to new ideas, models and technologies as well as entree to an impressive array of Fortune 500 executives, engineers and scientists.

Data Science: Readiness Assessments, Executive Development (Continuing Professional Education) and Sales Certification

Our data science team helps our clients create competitive advantage by turning information into action. Benchmark your readiness to meet the key challenges of integrating digital capabilities into your operations and organization.

Digital Transformation

We help our clients improve productivity, streamline operations, adapt and transform to meet the challenges presented by technology-enabled market shifts such as, the on-demand economy, the trend of access vs. ownership and digitally-empowered information asymmetry.

Trade Show Tours and Briefings

We help our clients maximize their time and increase ROI with custom-curated, interactive tours and briefings at CES, KBIS, MWC, NAB, and CTIA. Our team will help you identify and understand key technologies and services, differentiate offerings, and create action items and strategic takeaway.

Events & Executive Experiences

Our exceptional events team and our subject matter experts create best-in-class learning environments and experiences that lead to concrete outcomes, clear accountabilities and next step action items that drive results.

Thought Leadership (Speakers & Seminars)

Our team of advisors and influencers are well-known for their abilities to break down the digital world and make it less complex. That’s why Shelly Palmer was named one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Technology.

Original Content & Media Distribution

We create, produce and distribute omnichannel content to build loyal communities around our subject matter expertise.

Creative Services & Production

We help our clients realize their creative and production goals with award-winning creative teams that specialize in film, television, radio, online, mobile and digital products.

Hardware, Software, Content and Brands

While we work with companies in many sectors, we specialize on a few key areas.

  • Data Science – Big Data and Analytics, Programmatic Advertising, AdTech
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Devices, Sensors, Connected World
  • Consumer Electronics – Hardware, Software, Content, Brands
  • Mobile – Connected Consumers, eCommerce, User Experience (Native & Web)
  • Path to Purchase – Shopper Marketing, Retail and Consumer Experiences
  • Security & Privacy – Personal, SMB and Enterprise

US, Europe and Israel

We advise companies in the U.S., Europe, Israel, Japan and China. Based out of New York, we have a presence in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London.

Friends, Partners & Clients

We feel privileged to work with some extraordinary organizations, such as:

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