Strategic Planning for a Connected World

Strategic Planning According to Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy.”

We don’t think that a mobile strategy goes far enough. Today, you need a strategy to help you succeed in a connected world. Shelly Palmer Digital Leadership™ has helped craft connected world strategies for several Fortune 500 multi-national corporations – this is our prime area of focus for success in a connected world.

We will help you plan and execute a best-in-class connected world strategy. This will include:

    • Analysis of current omni-platform strategy and competitive landscape.
    • Strategic digital dialogue & debrief sessions for the organization to foster, support and assist the evolution of your employees into digital leaders. Topics will include: Technology, media, marketing, best practices, digital leadership tools and techniques, overviews of relevant technological change and, most importantly the evolution of connected consumers (and businesses) and its impact on, and relevance for, your company.
    • Assistance in crafting and executing the plan.