Digital Wisdom Seminar

“It was a great seminar. I published a blog post about it. http://tinyurl.com/bth4hm — notice the tiny url!!! Thanks for the tip.” – Brian K. NY, NY

“With his unique insights into the online business dynamics, Shelly opened our eyes to ideas and opportunities we haven’t seen before. His online tips helped us to get prospects email us and inquire about how Warren Buffett-style strategies can be used to storm-proof their portfolios.” -- Brian Z. NY, NY

“Shelly provided a lot of perspective about how important it is for every individual to use these tools and how the world will be using them.” – Ken D. NY, NY

“It was exciting to discover where things are heading, and going over details that the average person might not know even if you’re ‘in the culture.'” – Lauren M. NY, NY

“I use Google everyday, but I had no idea all that it could do. I walked away surprised about its powers and now have the ability to improve my search techniques to help better my online presence.” — Scott S. NY, NY

“Radically helpful, and so glad I did it. Your command is extraordinary, and it was well worth the price of admission. It is one fabulously exciting environment right now, both terrifying and exhilarating in the same breath. Your prescriptions ring true.” – Hank C. Darien, CT

“Really enjoyed your class and have recommended it to many others.” – Robin A. NY, NY

“You’re a wonderful teacher, many thanks! I’m eager to dig in – it is indeed a brave new world!” – Kristin L. NY, NY

“I found the seminar amazing! It far exceeded my expectations and I’ve already begun talking you/it up.” – Dan S. Newark, NJ

“Thank you … I really enjoyed your seminar and thought it was very helpful. I’ll definitely recommend Get Digital to my friends/colleagues. I’ll also stay in touch as I update my digital self and look for a new job. You were able to answer many of my questions before I had a chance to ask them, like … is it better to distribute my resume as a word doc or a pdf?” – Jeff G. NY, NY