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Shelly Palmer is an engaging, passionate and authoritative speaker who has the ability to break down the digital world and make it less complex. As a well-rounded businessman, Shelly is brilliant, entertaining, and up-to-date on the latest digital trends. He will help you and your audience to understand how content, hardware, software, and brands work together in a connected world.

Book Shelly Palmer for your next event:

  • Keynote Speaker: Popular topics include the trends at the nexus of technology, media and entertainment and the impact that this convergence is having on advertising, marketing, PR, sales and corporate governance.

  • Host/Moderator: Shelly Palmer will help set the underlying tone and deliver the core message of the event that is engaging, inspiring, and informative.

  • Panelist: Shelly Palmer will engage in active discussion about the future of technology and the impact on consumers.

For more information about booking Shelly Palmer for your next event please contact 212-532-3880 or email info@shellypalmer.com