Workforce Development

Workforce Development Strategic Digital Dialogue & Debrief for Senior Management

A series of one to two-hour Strategic Digital Dialogue & Debrief Sessions for senior management. The goal of these sessions is to regularly update senior management on the digital landscape, and to foster, support and assist the evolution of your business leaders into digital leaders.

Topics will include: Technology, media, marketing, best practices, digital leadership tools and techniques, overviews of relevant technological change and, most importantly the evolution of connected consumers (and businesses) and its impact on, and relevance for, your organization.

Workforce Development Sessions

A series of one-hour speeches followed by workshops/breakout sessions focused on various areas of digital leadership, such as:

  • Digital Consumers, Technologically Empowered Social Change

  • Mobile/Social/Local

  • Mobile Transactions & Payments

  • Metrics & Measurement

  • Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare & Cyber Corporate Espionage

  • Digital Policies and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • The evolution of B2B through M2M

  • Digital Procurement

  • Advertising, Marketing, Sales and PR

  • New Currencies for the 21st Century (information “big data,” fame, passion, attention, intention, etc.)

  • The Role of Government, Military & Corporate in the Information Age

  • Solving 21st century problems with 21st century solutions (as opposed to solving 20th century problems with 21st century solutions)