Shelly Palmer

Car Wars

Reuters reports that Delphi and Comcast are going to team up to bring video content to your car.  Microsoft is “taking a backseat,” forgive the pun, and is planning to offer kids videos over Sirius Satellite.  How will it all work?

Let’s forget content rights, union & guild payments and business rules for a minute (formidable issues, but not insurmountable) and think about the hardware issues.  Delphi makes hardware that is available in the aftermarket or OEM (installed by the manufacturer when you buy your vehicle).  As you know there is Sirius and XM and you can have one or the other, but not both at the same time in the same unit.  So, once again, content owners are going to compete for your entertainment dollars with incompatible formats … hummm … I’ve seen this somewhere before …

Anyway, the fun is just beginning because you are going to want entertainment, Internet, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max in your can as soon as you can get it.  Weather, traffic in real time, video, audio … the list is virtually endless.

I can just see a “pimp my ride” version of an SUV with a small satellite receiver city on the roof rack.  Ahhh … advanced media heaven!