Jonathan Bokor of ABC Enhanced TV sent in this item which confirms, among other things, that Bokor’s crystal ball is working perfectly.  He predicted this particular probable future … looks like he was right!

Washington — While the percentage of Internet music downloaders who said they used peer-to-peer file-sharing systems has declined to 21%, from 31% in February 2004, the percentage who said they had paid for songs on services like iTunes increased to 34%, up from 17% last year, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

In total, the survey found that about 36 million Americans, or 27% of Internet users, download music or video files. Increasingly, Internet users say they are downloading songs from sources other that peer-to-peer. Overall, 48% of current music downloaders said they have used other sources: 19% — or about 7 million Americans — say they have downloaded songs directly from someone else’s iPod or other digital music player, while 28% say they get songs and movies via e-mail and instant messaging applications.

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