The Telecom TV Future


According to Ken Rutkowski, Lyra Research surveyed 1,000 people, who expressed interest in switching to television provided by the phone company. The survey examined consumer usage of advanced digital-video services, broadband-Internet access, and cellular and landline telephones; interest in new features enabled by triple-play integration; and attitudes toward existing and potential television-service providers. For 54% the biggest advantage to cut the cable or satellite TV and move to telecom TV would be lower price. For 17% a la carte channel choice would be the primary motivator. 14% are excited about a single bill covering their phone, high speed Internet access and television. 11% don’t know why they would choose telecom TV over other offers, and 4% would switch if some exclusive programs were available on telco TV line.


Let’s see — you already hate your cable company or you wouldn’t be interested in switching. I offer you a hypothetical service that offers identical or better quality and lower cost and only 54% of the respondents would switch to save money? America may be the only place on earth where you can offer someone a $5 bill for $1 and they’ll have to think about it!

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