Shelly Palmer

MIP 2005 Day 1


The show has just started and the buzz is extraordinary.  MIP is a combination of programming and technology from around the world.  It’s interesting that the show bills itself as “The world’s audiovisual and digital content market.”  There are not many people here who know that they are in the content business.


To a person, the programmers and catalog representatives still think that they are in the television business and they are looking at new technology through the lens of the old television model: shelf space, lead in, lead out, ratings and most importantly — financial guarantees.

Security is so tight here, it makes New York seem like a theme park.

On a more human note, there is absolutely no way to make an inexpensive international telephone call from France.  And, short term Internet access is almost non-existent.  Wireless is simply not happening here — at least, not that I can find.  It is quite a culture shock to see people working without blackberry’s … I wonder how they do it?

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