MediaBytes – 04/09/07

Apple announced the sale of the 100 millionth iPod and released current sales figures for the iTunes Music Store. iTunes has sold 2.5 Billion songs, 50 Million TV shows, and 1.3 Million movies.

Yahoo! announced a new media device. The device can play Yahoo Music files, connect to the web via WiFi, and sync with a user’s Flickr account.

Google has been testing a new phone directory service, which may threaten the $7 Billion annually spent on 411 calls. Calling 1-800-GOOG-411 will provide phone numbers and addresses for businesses.

The Cable Advertising Bureau — which represents most major cable networks — withdrew from eBay’s Online Media Exchange. The planned TV-ad buying system, which was created to represent major advertisers, may not have any ad time to auction.

On Friday, Vonage was barred from signing up new subscribers. Later in the day, the injunction was overturned by an emergency stay. The VoIP company is facing a serious threat to its business, due to a patent infringement claim from Verizon.

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