Shelly Palmer

MediaBytes – 05/17/07

AMAZON announced a new digital music store. The store will sell unprotected MP3 tracks that can play on almost any device or computer. EMI is the only major label to sign on for the service, which will open “later this year.”

GOOGLE will transition to “universal search.” Results will soon integrate video, text, news, and images on the main page.

THE NEW YORK TIMES is planning to allow bloggers to embed NYT videos on their sites. The company believes that distributing its content outside of is necessary to “reach a broader audience.”

CBS announced five “edgy” new shows for the fall, in an attempt to counteract its conservative image. Les Moonves said the shows will make people “feel differently” about CBS.

APPLE stock plunged 3% yesterday morning, after a false rumor about the iPhone was posted on a popular technology blog. The stock recovered after Apple disputed the report.